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Team B.A.A. Profile: Emily Raymond

Name: Emily Raymond
Residence: Cambridge, MA
Hometown/High School: Brimfield, Ohio / Field High School
College: Brigham Young University
Age division: 30-34
B.A.A. member since: 2014

What is your favorite racing distance and race?
I don’t have a favorite distance; I still love to race everything from the mile to the marathon and enjoy running road, track, and trail.

Where is your favorite place to run in New England?
Acadia National Park in northern Maine is an amazing place to run. There are hills and mountains, rocky trails and groomed flat trails, ocean views and thick forests. And no worries about bears – there aren’t any on Mount Desert Island. I did run into a porcupine once though.

Tell us about your most memorable race experience or training run:
Running the 2014 Boston Marathon was memorable. I had a baby in May 2013 and took off almost three months from running, but I really wanted to run the 2014 race after what happened in 2013. Many of my long runs had pit stops at home to breastfeed. I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I actually missed the race start by 12 minutes because I didn’t allow enough time to use a breastpump in the Athlete’s Village. Despite the less-than-ideal training and the chaos, I was honored to run that year and participate in such an emotional race. I was also very happy to cross that finish line and go feed my baby!

What event(s) are you training for in 2016?
I am racing the Boston Marathon in April, a long trail race in the summer, and my fall plans are still open – either the Cape Cod half-marathon or the Akron Marathon if I have time for long runs.

What’s the most difficult training workout you have accomplished?
My college coach called it “the benchmark workout” – 25 x 400s at 10K pace (85-86s at the time) with 30 seconds rest in between. My senior track season, I had a class during team practice time and did all the workouts alone. This one was tough, but I nailed it and gained a lot of confidence from it.

What’s your alternative training activity to running?
I wish I could say swimming or weightlifting, but I just don’t have time for that (yet!). Sometimes I teach aerobics and fitness classes.

Tell us something unique about yourself that would surprise most of us:
I am afraid of needles. I never had my ears pierced. I kicked a nurse in middle school trying to avoid a shot. I hid in the locker room when my college cross country team lined up for flu shots. A few years ago I dared myself to donate blood and survived the experience. Now I give blood twice a year and organize blood drives. I still can’t look at the needles though.

When you’re not running, what do you like to do?
Play with my kids (ages 10, 6, and 2), snack from our tiny garden plot, bake chocolate chip cookies, go camping and hiking, update the family blog, go on adventures with my husband, and sometimes sleep.

If you could run anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Ohio! Maybe I’m just feeling homesick right now, but I have six brothers and three sisters that all live in Ohio. Several of them run, so it’s fun to go home and catch up with them on the gnarly trails.

What’s your profession or field of work?
Most of my time is spent taking care of my three kids and supporting my husband, who is a busy medical resident. My degree is in journalism, so I spent a few years working as a newswriter and editor before moving to a more flexible freelancing career. I also coordinate humanitarian service at my church, so I organize blood drives and service projects and match volunteers to local nonprofits.

What’s your favorite adidas racing or training shoe?
The Adidas Adios fits my big flat feet and my neutral stride.


Personal Bests:

Marathon: 2:52, Hartford Marathon
Half Marathon: 1:21, Applefest Half-Marathon
10K: 34:58, Northeastern University 10K
5K (Indoor): 17:01, University of Washington 5K

Notable Performances/Achievements:

2004 Mountain West 10K Champion
2006 USATF-NE 5-mile Champion
2007 USATF-NE 12K Champion
2015 New Hampshire Marathon Champion

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