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Olympic Trials Marathon Warm-Up: Eric Ashe

Photo Credit: Victor Sailer (Photorun.net)

Leading up to the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials on Saturday, February 13 in Los Angeles, we will be highlighting some of Team B.A.A.’s athletes who will toe the line for 26.2 miles in the City of Angels. Our next athlete is Eric Ashe, who has been a part of Team B.A.A. since 2011

Name: Eric Ashe
Marathon Personal Best: 2:17:06 (Grandma’s Marathon, 2015)

What are you most looking forward to regarding the Olympic Trials?

Only once every four years do all the top American marathoners line up to compete. I am really looking forward to the experience of being a part of that race.

What has been the best part of your Marathon build-up?

The best part of the marathon build-up has been the relatively mild winter as far as cold and snow. It has also been really great to do workouts with fellow B.A.A. teammates that are also preparing for the same race!

What has been the toughest part of your Marathon build-up?

The toughest part of the marathon build-up has been trying to overcome a few unexpected setbacks with injuries and a nasty head cold. After a good fall season of races, I was really hoping to try to finish in the top 25. So it’s also been tough mentally, knowing that isn’t a realistic goal for my current fitness.

Does it give extra meaning to the Trials knowing that you will be competing along with many other B.A.A. members?

I’m really looking forward to the race weekend with six other B.A.A. team members! It will definitely provide extra motivation having the support of fellow teammates. It’s pretty amazing to have such a large group coming from the same club and city – and none of us are professional runners.

What are your thoughts on the Olympic Trials course?

I’ve never done a loop marathon course. It may be easier mentally for competitors to break up the race into laps. The amount of turns in the course will be interesting, especially late in the race.

Going into the race, what is your race strategy?

My strategy is to go off effort rather than pace, as I’m not exactly sure where my fitness is at. The past few marathons I have trained to try to run a certain time. So, this will be different for sure.

What was your favorite workout leading up to the Trials?

It was great to meet up for a couple early morning weekday workouts at Harvard with Brian [Harvey], Matt [Fischer], and Bo [Waggoner]. They are all ready for great races!

What are your goals heading into the race – do you have a time or place you are aiming for?

Back in the fall, I would have said try to break 2:15. But now my goal is to learn from the experience, in hopes of competing at a higher level in four years.

Three things I couldn’t leave for LA without are:

  1. Race shoes/kit
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Bathing suit

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