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Olympic Trials Marathon Warm-Up: Brian Harvey

Our final Team B.A.A. member set to toe the line at Saturday’s U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles is Brian Harvey. An experienced racer and marathon ace, Harvey is excited to toe the line and compete for 26.2 miles.

Name: Brian Harvey
Marathon Personal Best: 2:17:05 (Twin Cities Marathon, 2014)


What are you most looking forward to regarding the Olympic Trials?

I am very excited for the opportunity to race against the best marathoners in the country and see where I stack up. I thrive on competition and know that having so many excellent runners around me will help me to push myself harder. I am also grateful for my wife, other family members, and friends who will be there to support me at the race.


What has been the best part of your Marathon build-up?

I really enjoy marathon training in general and actually often find it easier and more enjoyable than training for shorter races. My favorite workouts are usually the longer ones, such as intervals at marathon pace.


What has been the toughest part of your Marathon build-up?

It was a bit difficult trying to balance training for cross country (USATF Club National Championships and BUPA Great Edinburgh XC) with marathon training – normally the seasons are more separated. In the end, I believe that a lot of the faster workouts I did during the cross country season helped make marathon pace feel more “comfortable”.


Does it give extra meaning to the Trials knowing that you will be competing along with many other B.A.A. members?

Absolutely! Eric Ashe, Matt Fischer, Bo Waggoner, and I have done several of our workouts together leading up the Trials. There were many of those workouts that we did that I know I wouldn’t have been able to do without them there. This will also make the race feel like just another workout which I think is a good mental attitude to have for the beginning part of the race.


What are your thoughts on the Olympic Trials course?

I like that it is loop course because it will allow me to see my family and friends many (at least eight) times throughout the race.


Going into the race, what is your race strategy?

I think the most important thing in a race like this is to not let the adrenaline overcome you. I hope that if I run controlled and smart during the first part of the race, I will be able to pass a lot of people over the last 10K.


What was your favorite workout leading up to the Trials?

Probably 4 x 3 Mile that me, Matt, Bo, and Eric did on an indoor track (96 laps!) a couple weeks ago. It was so great to have three other guys with me for that workout and they helped pull me through it.


What are your goals heading into the race – do you have a time or place you are aiming for?


Most of all, I want to finish knowing that I left every last piece of energy I have within me on the course. It’s tough to give a time goal with the likely possibility of it being on the warm side. But looking at the field and results from previous years, I think a very good race would put me in the top 20-25.


Three things I couldn’t leave for LA without are:

  1. Custom energy gel holder made for me by a fellow B.A.A. teammate
  2. Sweet potatoes for pre-race dinner
  3. My wife – as both a runner and fan of running, she’d be disappointed to miss out on the excitement!

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