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B.A.A. Women Repeat as Team Champions on a Historic 120th Boston Marathon Honoring 50 Years of Women at Boston

B.A.A. Women defend their Boston Marathon team title with Rachel Coogan setting the pace to victory.

On a remarkable Boston Marathon weekend celebrating 50 years of Women at Boston and honoring Bobbi Gibb’s historic first run in 1966, the B.A.A. women showed their grit and willpower on a tough race day repeating as the Women’s Open Team Champions. It was a sneaky warm day with bright sunny skies and a light breeze that greeted the runners in Hopkinton on Marathon Monday. Early on in the Women’s Elite race, it was clear that this warm day would go down in the history books as one of the slowest marathon finishes in recent times with Ethiopian Atseda Baysa biding her time and overtaking the leaders with just two miles to go to claim victory in 2:29:19. At 10:00 a.m., when the Men’s Elite field and the first wave of marathoners started their trek to Boston, the temperature had already reached 69F with a headwind in the forecast for the runners when they turned the corner for the homestretch at Cleveland Circle. The Men’s Elite race unfolded at a slow pace with a late surge by Ethiopian Lemi Berhanu Hayle in the final miles to overcome defending Boston Marathon champ Lelisa Desisa to win the 120th Boston Marathon with a time of 2:12:45, also one of the slowest times in the last decade.

The B.A.A. Running Club had sixty-six runners complete the marathon with most running five to ten minutes slower than their goal time due to the warm weather. Although the team was well prepared for the distance and the hills after a mild winter and a good marathon training season, none of the running club members were prepared for the warm weather and many were slowed by dehydration and cramping. Despite the tough racing conditions, the B.A.A. Women’s Open Team successfully defended their 2015 title with Rachel Coogan leading the trio of women to victory. Rachel finished in 2:54:48 and 38th place in the women’s field. Rachel ran most of the race with teammate Emma Spencer who finished second for the B.A.A. women in 2:56:29 in 46th place. Lindsay Willard was the third team scorer placing 57th for the women in 2:57:42. Congrats to the B.A.A. women and their Boston Marathon team win!

In the men’s race, it was B.A.A.’s David Bedoya who best survived the heat and finished in the top 100. David was 68th overall in 2:34:55. Training partner Sean Hyland also had a good race coming close to his Boston best time finishing in 2:38:51 and 115th overall. Roger Donaghy was the third team scorer for the B.A.A. Men’s Open team with a 2:43:11 and 203rd overall. The B.A.A. Men’s Open team improved one place from 2015 with a 5th place finish.  In the Masters race, it was Patrick Callahan that led the team to a 3rd place team finish with a time of 2:48:09 placing 364th overall. Doug McLucas and Ryan McCalmon were the 2nd and 3rd team scorers for the B.A.A. Masters finishing in 2:54:28/820th and 2:54:58/868th.

In all, we had sixty-six B.A.A. Running Club members compete in the 120th Boston Marathon with sixteen women and fifty men finishing the race. Although there were only a few with personal best on the warm day, many had top performances and everyone has a unique personal story of how they finished the 120th Boston Marathon. Congrats to everyone for their Boston Marathon finish!




119th Boston Marathon Team Results:

B.A.A. Women’s Open Team – 1st  8:48:59 (Rachel Coogan, Emma Spencer, Lindsay Willard)

B.A.A. Men’s Open Team – 5th  7:56:57 (David Bedoya, Sean Hyland, Roger Donaghy)

B.A.A. Men’s Masters – 3rd  8:37:35 (Patrick Callahan, Doug McLucas, Ryan McCalmon)

B.A.A. Women’s Masters – 28th  11:07:10 (Cathi Campbell, Cathy Lifschultz, Mae Shoemaker)


68 David Bedoya 2:34:55
115 Sean Hyland 2:38:51
203 Roger Donaghy 2:43:11
230 Mark LaRosa 2:44:00
313 Clayton Pierce 2:46:32
364 Patrick Callahan 2:48:09
391 Shamus Brady 2:48:23
393 Brad Mish 2:48:26
448 Ryan Silva 2:49:27
505 Togami Katsuhiro 2:50:23
515 Benjamin Coughlin 2:50:31
534 Jason Reilly 2:50:46
667 Lou Raffetto 2:52:29
705 Matthew Simonson 2:52:59
814 Chris Benestad 2:54:19
820 Doug McLucas 2:54:28
868 Ryan McCalmon 2:54:58
850 Rachel Coogan 2:54:48
1001 Emma Spencer 2:56:29
1125 Adam Manwell 2:57:28
1144 Lindsay Willard 2:57:42
1266 Chris George 2:58:40
1584 Patrick Stumbras 3:00:57
1610 Paul Davies 3:01:11
1640 Michael McGrane 3:01:25
1678 Kirstin Rudd 3:01:42
2021 Brian Benestad 3:04:26
2235 Gary David 3:06:04
2238 Michael Davis 3:06:05
2308 John Barrett 3:06:36
2730 Amanda Watters 3:09:08
2779 Larry Aller 3:09:23
2861 Emily Raymond 3:09:56
3013 James Callaghan 3:10:53
3124 Paul Morrison 3:11:28
3174 Jon Schoenberg 3:11:43
3282 David Consigli 3:12:19
3414 Amanda Potter 3:12:57
3539 Ann Ryan 3:13:36
3794 Stefani Harvey 3:14:50
3817 Jonathan Baker 3:14:53
3963 Adam Sulkowski 3:15:35
4118 Kyle Bowers 3:16:21
4306 Lindsay Smith 3:17:14
4314 Stephen Masterson 3:17:16
4641 Jamie Wilson 3:18:40
4824 Brian Foley 3:19:28
4886 Cathi Campbell 3:19:42
5137 Craig MacFarlane 3:20:50
5209 David Nerrow 3:21:09
5448 Mary Beth Cashman 3:22:04
5546 Chris Marshall 3:22:20
5719 Elizabeth Whiting 3:23:08
10304 Scott Nanfelt 3:28:29
10520 Andy MacDonald 3:39:08
10706 Zeus Estrada 3:39:39
12446 Bernie O’Reilly 3:45:20
13075 Cathy Lifschultz 3:47:23
14103 John Stuart 3:50:44
14502 Wayne Levy 3:52:05
11829 Daniel Schaffer 3:43:17
16820 Mae Shoemaker 4:00:05
17484 Deniz Karakoyunlu 4:04:18
21225 Karen Ringheiser 4:25:04
21376 Sam Parkman 4:26:23
23570 Carol Chaoui 4:48:04

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