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B.A.A. Running Club Member Profile – Brianne Gallagher

Personal Bests:
Road 5K 17:50
5 Mile 30:14
10K 38:12
Half Marathon 1:26:20

Photo Credit:

Residence: Boston, MA
Hometown: Columbia, MO
High School: David H. Hickman High School
College: Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
Age division: Open
B.A.A. member since: 2016


What is your favorite racing distance and race? 
I don’t know if I have a favorite racing distance. Sometimes I like running short and fast races – 1 mile – and currently I’m enjoying marathon training. I think having variety in racing helps keep things interesting. I like large races in the spring/summer with a positive but competitive vibe – I love the energy of so many runners coming together in one place. For that reason, I like a lot of the BAA races.

Where is your favorite place to run in New England? 
I moved to Boston in 2013 and haven’t YET run in many places throughout New England outside of this area. However, I started doing long, 15+ mile runs this past year and in the process discovered the Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail. I love running on that trail in the fall and being able to observe all the fall colors.

Tell us about your most memorable race experience or training run.
I think my most memorable race experience was actually a cross country race in high school. I had struggled through the same race a couple years prior when I was running with as yet undiagnosed anemia, but this time around, I was healthy, took the lead early, and held off the second place runner in an intense battle at the finish line. It was awesome!

What event are you training for in 2017? 
I’m currently training for my first marathon – the Vancouver Marathon – on May 7th!

What’s the most difficult training workout you have accomplished? 
It feels like there have been so many! I do a lot of solo-training and training on the treadmill, and I find that the longer runs with middle miles at half marathon – marathon pace tend to be hardest for me mentally. I’ll do a few miles warm up then 7-10 miles between half marathon and marathon pace, then some cool down miles. I keep the treadmill on a low “hill” setting so that the incline goes slightly up and down automatically throughout the workout.

What’s your alternative training activity to running? 
I spend too much time in the gym! I love the gym and the treadmill because I don’t have to worry about cars or stop lights or inclement weather. When I’m not running, I do a lot of cross training on the elliptical and I also do some moderate weight lifting. Recently I also tried playing racquetball for the first time and that was fun, though I think my pathetic runner’s forearms put me at a disadvantage!

Tell us something unique about yourself that would surprise most of us.
I lived and worked as an ESL teacher in China (Chongqing) for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer, during which time I got to see some beautiful places (Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, Fenghuang Ancient City) and eat both the most delicious (hot pot) and most disgusting (pig brain) foods I’ve ever tried.

When you’re not running, what do you like to do? 
Of late, I spend most of my time running/working out or working! But when I’m not doing one of those things, I love to explore new foods and restaurants in Boston (one of my favorites is MaLa Chinese restaurant in Allston); cooking; traveling (recent trips include Montreal, NYC, and London); and watching foreign films, documentaries and comedy shows. I love reading fiction and non-fiction alike, but just haven’t made time for it recently.

If you could run anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
Ever since being in China, I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of running a race in Mongolia. I think the austere, open plains would be beautiful and I love thinking about the history of the people there.

What’s your profession or field of work? 
I’m a technical consultant at a boutique, Boston-based consultancy called Acorio. Acorio helps companies (higher education institutions, hospitals, large and small corporations) implement an Enterprise cloud software called ServiceNow. I configure the platform for clients and help advise them on using it. Actually, I have a developer version of the software that I use for testing and training, and I created a training application in which I track all or most of my workouts. I have a training homepage where I can see my mileage for the past 7 days as well as my total miles since I started tracking my workouts about a year ago. I’m currently at 1,902 miles since April 2016.

What’s your favorite adidas racing or training shoe?
I’m currently wearing Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer running shoe for my day to day training. They are extremely soft and comfortable – I prefer shoes with soft uppers that don’t mash my feet, ouch! Also, I just bought a pair of Adidas Performance Women’s Cross Country spikes that are really comfortable and relatively light.

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