Today’s B.A.A. Running Club is comprised of a dedicated corps of athletes with diverse running backgrounds and competitive goals. Club members participate in weekly workouts, and meet regularly for organized long runs on selected weekends, in preparation for spring and fall marathons.

As a team, the B.A.A. is a perennial contender at major New England road races, indoor and outdoor track meets, and cross country events. Individually, the club boasts a number of regional champions who have participated in national and international competitions.

Since 1991, the B.A.A. Running Club has enjoyed extensive and generous support from adidas. As such, the B.A.A. is able to provide you with numerous benefits throughout the year. Therefore, all B.A.A. Running Club members are required, as a condition of their membership, to wear the current club-issued uniform, adidas shoes, apparel and accessories exclusively for all competitions, including warm-ups and warm-downs. It is also required that you wear adidas in formal B.A.A. practice sessions and training runs.


B.A.A. coaches assist our members in fully developing their athletic potential. One of the greatest benefits to members is access to our strong coaching staff, which is committed to providing training structure and guidance designed to meet your individual running and racing goals.
about3Workout Groups
As a member of the B.A.A. Running Club, you will be part of a network of runners and track athletes who have similar personal and competitive goals. Running and training with individuals of similar ability and fitness levels will help improve your performance. Year-round coached workouts take place in the Metro-Boston area.
about1Racing Team Program
The Boston Athletic Association offers a performance-based racing team program. Athletes will be provided with adidas footwear and uniform apparel, and will receive support for development and competition.